Refrigerant License New Zealand

Approved Filler On Line Renewal

On Line renewal of EPA Approved Filler License and Certificate


This course is for those who have previously successfully completed their Approved Filler Training who are about to reach their Five Year anniversary and need to do a re-sit.  If you have not previously achieved an EPA Approved Filler course you should not attempt this course.

The course will usually take about three hours and can be completed at any time on line.  It meets all legal requirements and you will receive both a new Certificate and Refrigerant License.


Students must have previously completed an EPA Approved Filler course.


Important Information

Following registration an email containing log in details should be received, if it does not arrive within an hour of your registration please contact Angela Knott at RLNZ; 09 273 0044 or email

Once you have accessed the site you will find four chapters.  There is an essential assessment in each chapter marked by a red question mark.  You are welcome to view and answer questions at any time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Renewals must be completed within three months of the expiry date of your original certificate.  Exceeding this RLNZ will require you to attend a full one day approved filler course at full course cost and will disable online access, no refund will be available.